This week, we kicked off Hybrides : Exploration ludiques, in Xalapa, Mexico, at the IMAC (Iniciativa Municipal de Arte y Cultura).

For this occasion, we split the place in two distinct rooms, the bright room and the dark room. Sorting the experiences in two categories, the small and light dependent one in the light room, while the big and shadow dependent were placed in the dark room. It also helped us introducing the visitors to the exhibition’s concept by showing them lighter, more accessible experiences at first, before exposing them to more demanding ( in skill and reflection) experiences.

Overall, the event was received warmly by the visitors, of all ages. It was a blast receiving, explaining (Even with the language barrier) and seeing people play with each and every pieces.

Thanks to the city of Xalapa and the Alliance Français de Xalapa for all the help in finding a location and setting up the exhibition.

Next week, we are going to Queretaro for the second location !